1. Getting Back Into It

    I’m trying to more actively put my work out there so I’m getting back into tumblr. Here’s to keeping my feed from devolving onto models and puppy gifs. I’m doomed aren’t I?


  2. The truth is out there


  3. Two more shirt ideas. They are on the woot derby for 24 more hours.




  5. Updated an old t-shirt idea


  6. I think I might be reading too many fantasy novels these days. #medievaldiet


  7. Special Olympics

    I had the opportunity to create an event poster for the Special Olympics summer invitational games in Los Angeles.

    International Poster-01 Subway Stop Summer Games Bus Stop Wheat Paste Posters

    They wanted something that would stand out. had a vintage flair, and promoted the spirit of the games.

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  8. Springtee

    I just found out about springtee and thought it would be the perfect platform for my silly Star Wars / David Hasslhoff mashup shirt.


    Please check out the site, it seems like a great idea for fun one off shirts, and let people know about mine!

    I would be so stoked if they got made,


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  9. 1001 Movies to See Before You Die

    I recently finished a poster collage for a client. It involved over 1000 posters and quite a bit of fiddling in indesign but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


  10. I am so excited I was able to snag one of these! #obey #poster #art