1. Special Olympics

    I had the opportunity to create an event poster for the Special Olympics summer invitational games in Los Angeles.

    International Poster-01 Subway Stop Summer Games Bus Stop Wheat Paste Posters

    They wanted something that would stand out. had a vintage flair, and promoted the spirit of the games.

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  2. Springtee

    I just found out about springtee and thought it would be the perfect platform for my silly Star Wars / David Hasslhoff mashup shirt.


    Please check out the site, it seems like a great idea for fun one off shirts, and let people know about mine!

    I would be so stoked if they got made,


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  3. 1001 Movies to See Before You Die

    I recently finished a poster collage for a client. It involved over 1000 posters and quite a bit of fiddling in indesign but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


  4. I am so excited I was able to snag one of these! #obey #poster #art


  5. The real reason for my lettering sketch. Congrats you two! #wedding #jeffanddani


  6. Playing around with some lettering. #typography #design


  7. Newest piece of #art. #silkscreen #poster


  8. Website - Accurate Cut Construction

    Website – Accurate Cut Construction

    By necessity more than anything I’ve been wetting my beak in the web design world lately.

    I recently got to a place in this build  that I feel comfortable sharing it. It was a bit of a struggle, and entirely more code work than I was hoping for, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s shaping up.


    The site is for a local Southern California General Contractor. We went with a portfolio/photo style site…

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  9. Don’t Hassle The Moff

    I recently put this silly pop mashup onto my society 6 store. They really take the headache out of the equation on these sillier ideas.


  10. It was a bit rough up there this morning, but totally worth it. #mammothstories (at The Summit @ Mammoth Mtn)